About the Portfolio

Choose the layout that’s right for your site. The theme includes 2 templates for the portfolio, Grid and Rows, which can be used for any portfolio. There is no limit to the number of portfolios you can create. Setting up your portfolio is easy.

Rows Display Posts

A set of portfolio items in a well aligned display. Each row is the same height, ideal for items with similar content for quick page scanning. The uniform display of items in rows allows multiple posts on each row. Create 1, 2, 3, 4 or more columns.

Grid Display Posts

Specify any number of columns in a grid template. The grid display automatically shifts items into position, fitting together like a puzzle, making maximum use of the screen space. Any portfolio page can use the grid layout.

Shortcode Attributes

The portfolio shortcode can be added manually or using the content builder integrated into Visual Composer. When manually inserting the portfolio shortcode you can use the parameters below to customize the output.

Optional. The number of posts per page.
Optional. The template style: grid-rows, grid-rows-filtered, grid-staggered, grid-staggered-filtered
Optional. The post type source. Default: portfolio
Exclude this parameter for no excerpt. Value: true
Optional. The length of the excerpt.
Optional. The number of columns in grid templates.
Optional. The image width.
Optional. The image height.
Split results into multiple pages. Value: true, false

Example Portfolios

A series of example portfolios have been created to show the different templates. These show just a fraction of what you can customize and the variety of layout variations possible. Customize the portfolio to fit your website with sidebars, widgets, headers and footers. With all these options the potential is virtually endless. Check out some of the examples.

Content Builder

The theme has a custom interface for the Visual Composer plugin (included) to make it easier to setup your portfolio shortcode.

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